Library Guide

Access to the Library

WIT Libraries is open to registered students and Institute staff, external borrowers and final year second-level students signed up to the Library’s Secondary School Reader Scheme. Access to the library is with a current WITCard that has been programmed to operate the access control system.

Library Etiquette

WIT Libraries operates a quiet study atmosphere and users are expected to respect their fellow library users. There are a number of quiet and group study areas located throughout the library.


Mobile phone usage is permitted in the library stairwells. Library users are asked not to make or receive calls in the study areas. Please see the WIT Libraries Regulations document.

Library PC's

Library PCs are for study and research purposes only. Usage of Library PCs is subject to the wider Institute Computer Usage policies. Please consult Computer Services for more details.


Library Misconduct

(a) Users who infringe any library regulation will be liable to a range of penalties including fines, withdrawal of services and other disciplinary proceedings.


(b) Any library user who repeatedly breaks the rule on silence will be asked to leave. A report will be made to the College Disciplinary Committee in cases where disturbances are persistent.


(c) A security system is in operation at the exit. Library users must ensure that they follow proper borrowing procedures. Unauthorised removal of library property is not permitted. Any user who removes an item illegally from WIT Libraries will be fined. The College Disciplinary Committee deals with incidents of theft or misappropriation.


In instances of damage to library property and/or loss of library property, the user responsible will be required to make good any such loss or damage. Other disciplinary action may follow.


Safety in WIT Libraries


  • Personal property should never be left unattended
  • All property is left at owner’s risk
  • Users should make themselves aware of the fire exits in WIT Libraries. Fire exits are indicated on the WIT Libraries LORG eMaps. Exit via fire exits is only permitted in emergency situations.
  • Fire drills are held regularly, and library users must comply with directions from the fire wardens
  • Hazards should be reported to the library staff
  • If an accident occurs while using WIT Libraries, a member of staff should be contacted immediately.

Off-Campus Access

You can access WIT Libraries research resources 24/7 from anywhere. Off-campus access to library databases is available from the library database page using your WIT Network Login.


This short video presentation shows how to access library database off-campus using your WIT Network Login. For more information on off-campus access, please see the off-campus guides.


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